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Santa Comes to Bay Street holds an annual Santa's Work Shop which uniquely partners shoppers (Elves) with families and recipients that are in need of support from shelters in the Greater Toronto Area. Elves select families or individual recipients and help make their holiday dreams come true by putting together a Santa's bag for each recipient. Bag's contents includes everything from basic necessities, to gifts requested by the recipients. In this way we have created a very personalized process where the fortunate can create a real impact on those who are in need around the holidays.

The first Santa's Work Shop was held in 2003, it set the foundation for the creation of a charity - Santa Comes to Bay Street. Over the last 19 years the event has grown substantially, the 2021 event provided gift bags to over 1750 recipients.

Recipients Chosen:

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Recipients Selected: 1758

The SCTBS Past Team Members

As SCTBS evolves, people have moved on to other things. We would like to thank the following individuals for their huge contributions in launching SCTBS to the next level. Without these people SCTBS would have struggled to meet the success it has enjoyed. SCTBS is proud to be associated with all of these individuals.

Jim Archer-Shee, Honorary Chairman

Jim spent almost his entire career with RBC Financial Group. Jim retired from RBC as an EVP and Corporate Treasurer. Previous to that Jim was Managing Director, Global Treasury, RBC Capital Markets. Jim brought a wealth of experience and contacts to his role as Honorary Chairman of SCTBS. Jim was instrumental in raising funds and awareness for the charity. Jim will continue to play a significant role within SCTBS.

Tracey Sanderson

Tracey is currently a Senior Marketing Manager with KPMG and has more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Communications. She has been involved in community initiatives for several years, including serving as a Director of About Face, campaign lead and volunteer for organizations such as Free the Children, Rotary International’s Count Down to a Polio Free World, Toronto Jazz Society, and manager of her children’s school competitive swim team.

Natascha Swyrydenko, Co-Founder

As one of the co-founders of SCTBS, Natascha was brought on Board after having worked with Mary Matthews in the financial sector. She has been involved in volunteer work for 15 years now. Beyond her role as a Board member, Natascha is very involved in her local community, serving as Chairperson for her son's school as well as volunteering for a local soccer club.

Fabiene Evans CA, Co-Founder

Fabiene worked as a volunteer for many years with The North York Women's shelter and as such was a natural fit as the liaison for all the shelters under the umbrella of the charity. Fabiene , a Co-Founder of Santa , worked tirelessly for Santa, and was fully committed to helping the shelters see a bit of sunshine. Fabiene has moved on to focus on other needy organizations.

Julia Clubb, Chair Advisory Committee

Julia has spent most of her career covering Institutional clients in the financial markets and is currently a Vice-President, Money Markets @ RBC Capital Markets. Julia's involvement at the 2010 event was key to our success that year, she mobilized shoppers to take on over 300 recipients. For the 2011 event, Julia was invited to participate at the Board level. Julia has since stepped down, but remains committed to SCTBS in a substantial way.

Larraine Russell, Treasurer

Larraine was responsible for enabling SCTBS to obtain it’s registered status. With her expertise with charities, Larraine made the process of applying for registration seamless. She is responsible for SCTBS obtaining its wings.

Meghan Kropf

Meghan is responsible for SCTBS’ logo. While working at Traffik (a major advertising firm), Meghan was able to obtain a donation of art work from which SCTBS could choose. Meghan also brought the Traffik team to the table in the form of major support (over 150 bags) for three years. Meghan is also responsible for the bags that SCTBS uses to package the gifts for its Christmas event. Finally, Meghan worked tirelessly with Patrick Brown to get SCTBS’ website up and running.

Patrick Brown, Secretary

Patrick is a former Secretary of the Board of Santa Comes to Bay Street; he joined the board in 2008. Patrick has professional experience on both sides of the street, most recently as an analyst at Spartan Funds Management. Patrick is a Master of Finance graduate from Queen’s School of Business.

In addition to his role as Secretary, Patrick took on the time consuming and arduous role of designing and implementing the website for SCTBS.

Tim Matthews, Treasurer

Tim joined the Board in 2010. Tim is previously a member of Deloitte’s National Health Services Consulting practice in Toronto, working with clients across the Public and Private Sectors. Tim has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and has a number of years of Financial Services Industry experience.  Tim’s other activities include coaching; alpine skiing in the winter and junior men’s rugby in the summer along with a number of other charitable initiatives in volunteer roles throughout the year.

Eric Liaw, Treasurer

Before moving to Toronto from Vancouver in 2014, Eric has worked for financial institutions in different roles for 13 years. Currently, he's enrolled in Fashion Coordination and Styling program to pursue his career in the fashion industry. Eric is also a volunteer for CAFTCAD.

Sara McCready, Secretary

Sara has been involved with SCTBS since 2012. Her breadth and depth of experience spanning 18 years in the financial services sector, has honed her skills making her an efficient, competent and organized Secretary; attributes that are key to fulfilling the role of Secretary for SCTBS. Sara is currently a Compliance Officer at the Effort Trust Company. Effort Trust was established in 1978, and is a federally regulated financial intermediary, focusing on retail deposits, residential and commercial mortgages.
Sara previously held a variety of progressive roles during a 13-year career at OPTrust; one of Canada’s largest public pension plans, with assets over 19 billion dollars. She has worked in public relations, and marketing.