Steph and Mary with Santa Girl sitting with Santa. Two hugging girls sitting in a pile of gift bags. Santa and the volunteers closing the TMX. Filled gift bags.

Who We Are

Every holiday season shelters across Toronto are inundated with requests for help and support from families struggling during our harsh winter. While the reasons they need help vary (abuse, poverty, illness) their need for help, and hope, is undeniable. Santa Comes to Bay Street (SCTBS) allows families that might otherwise have nothing, to give their children (and themselves) the necessities for the winter - and maybe more importantly (to a child at least) - a gift to open during the holidays.

This year, SCTBS will not be hosting its usual Event due to COVID-19. However, SCTBS intends to help approximately 15 shelters and 1 food bank with gifts and necessities to the best of our ability (on a contactless basis).

We will be using a limited team of 10 people (instead of our normal ~300 volunteers) to help the people living in the shelters (and using the food bank) with the following procedure:

  1. Donors and Corporate Sponsors contribute cash to purchase the gift items and necessities for those in shelters over the holidays. Appropriate tax receipts will be issued.
  2. Santa Comes To Bay Street gift bags and primary gift requests from the shelters are distributed to volunteer shoppers.
  3. Shoppers purchase the primary gifts and necessities such as toiletries and winter clothing.
  4. Purchased items are packaged into the Santa Comes To Bay Street bags and delivered directly to the shelters.
  5. Shelter staff distribute the gift bags in time for the holidays.

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold a lot of our normal fund raising activities. As a result we could really use your support so that we can continue to support these shelters over the holiday season. We accept online donations and appreciate your continued support.